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8 Best Tips to make healthier sleep

Wednesday - 23 April 2014

Lack of sleep and unhealthy lifestyle can damage the health of your body . It will also make you feel excited and lazy all day . Sleep hygiene behaviors and environmental factors are affecting your sleep . Here are the best ways to make your bedroom a more healthy and treating sleep disorders problems , as reported by Boldsky .

1 . Make bedtime routine to have a sound sleep . Stay in bed and get up at the time you have specified to help maintain healthy sleep habits . Avoid flexibility as it leads to improper sleep time . Make sure you also get a nap time for 30-45 minutes while it is free to work .

2 . Sleeping a few hours after dinner . Do not sleep when the stomach is empty or after a meal ! Dinner should be done 2-3 hours before bedtime . Make sure you choose snacks that are easy to digest and healthy for the body .

3 . Creating the atmosphere was becoming calmer by making the body feel more comfortable . Give mild pressure on your eye by reducing the light in the room , not watching TV or working with a computer or laptop . Read your favorite novels to relax and make the mood becomes calmer during sleep . For most people , sleep disorders can be controlled by reading novels before bed .

4 . Reducing noise in the home . Noise makes it difficult to get a good sleep . All people need to feel more relaxed before going to bed .

5 . Do not consume caffeine 5-6 hours before bedtime . Caffeine causes sleep problems and can keep you awake for 10-12 hours .

6 . Avoid drinking liquids such as juice or excessive water before going to bed . Habits that can make you urinate frequently at night can disrupt your sleep .

7 . To treat sleep disorders , do not consume alcohol before bed . Many people think that alcohol may help you sleep easier . However, because of the alcohol , the quality and quantity of your sleep can actually be reduced . Nor should smoke before bed because the nicotine in tobacco causes sleep problems .

8 . Try to do some breathing exercises or yoga before bed . This exercise can relax the muscles , the body and mind to get healthy sleep and sleep disorders cure .

Here are eight ways to make your bedroom a more healthy and treating sleep disorders problems . Remember , lack of sleep can lead to many problems , especially loss of focus and energy .

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