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Strengthen Brand, Bigland Roadshow Indonesia

Tuesday - 22 April 2014
BANDARLAMPUNG - In order to strengthen the brand image of their products , Bigland conduct roadshows Hello Kitty and friands around Indonesia . Now , the road show stopped in Lampung precisely in Mal Kartini ( Moka ) by presenting a series of events from yesterday ( 18/8 ) until 1 September 2013 . Such exhibitions Bigland products and Kea Panel ; Meat & Great Hello Kitty and Spongebob ; drawing competition ; coloring contest , karaoke contest to contest dance creations .

Previously , Bigland roadshow in Java with some cities are like Bandung , Surabaya , and Jakarta . " The presence of Hello Kitty and friands in Lampung is the Hello Kitty series of roadshows in Indonesia to strengthen brand image Bigland as furniture brands international character , " said Bigland Area Marketing Supervisor Lampung , Eko Pratomo yesterday .

Discontinuance , in Lampung deliberately focused in order to facilitate mocha Lampung residents who are on vacation or shopping . Moreover, to coincide with the momentum of growing independence so festive roadshow .

" We are very careful because berbagga Lampung in Sumatra became the first city visited. And the plan will continue to Medan , Pekanbaru or Palembang , " said Eko .

He explained , titled roadshow highlights the mutual independence of Bigland and Kea Panel presented a series of interesting events . Bigland -quality products such as exhibitions and Kea panel with a special price on the first floor ; meth and great Hello Kitty & Spongebob . " Those who want to meet Hello Kitty and friands no ticket because everything is free , " he said .

Then , perlomban - race held on the 3rd floor drawing them yesterday ( 18/8 ) at 14:30 to 16:30 pm , coloring ( 25/8 ) , karaoke with allowance ( 19-23/8 ) and the semifinals and finals ( 24-25 / 8 ) ; and dance creations for the 3-7 group . " Well , the race is photobox must enroll in a mocha at a cost of Rp 75 thousand to be able to draw a folding mecha larakter worth 100 thousand , " told you .

He did not menapik that a series of activities to mendongkarak Bigland product sales and Kea Panel . " We are targeting sales of 500 million can pass as its main target is to strengthen the brand image that the products Kea Panel Bigland and international character . Fact the only brand that consistently brings innovation product variants are Bigland international character , " he said .

So he continued , the effect produced when the public increasingly understood that Bigland is the only international brand character . " Of course, the stores will be flooded with orders of our products , " he said . ( HYT / een )