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Easy Tricks to Make a Bed More Comfortable

Wednesday - 23 April 2014

Decorating a bedroom or rearranging the bed can be done in a short time . has some easy tips that you can follow to turn your bedroom into a " paradise " for you and be a place that can help you get quality sleep and rest enough or sufficient .

Several stacks of colorful pillows
The pillows were wrapped with colorful pillowcases can also become your bedroom decor . No need to be afraid to mix and match a pattern , style , and color pillows and stacks into one .

Handmade shelf Work Alone
You can make a painting or decorating objects that you can use as your bedroom decoration . Take advantage of empty wall space or on the wall of your bedroom as possible .

Show Your Personality
That is the advantage of the objects that you like , such as a collection of books to decorate your room . That way , every time a friend or relative who came into the room you will instantly feel the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your bedroom space .

Actually you can , and stir to mix and match all kinds of colors or shades for your bedroom . However, it is somewhat easier if you search for colors in case matching and seen together with each other .

Note Lights Your Sleep
Light sleeper size should be adjusted to the size of your bed . For example , if your bed is big and not too high , choose a light sleeper small .

Select the Not Too Bright Lights
For the bedroom , you should choose a light that is not too bright but not too dark . At least choose a color that can make the atmosphere of your bedroom more comfortable .

Different accent for Different Goods
If the color of your bed sheets are no shades of neutral colors , you can choose a quilt with shades or lighter color .

Create Corner " Heaven "
Prepare a special place in the corner of your bedroom as a place you do activities you like best . For example , set up a corner of your room as your special place to read or watch a movie . Create as comfortable as possible , with just one couch in the corner of your bedroom , then you 've got the corner of " paradise " on your own .


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